Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot Results: Strange Signs

Downtown Tucson, January 2008

For last week's New Monday Photo Shoot, I asked to see a sign that's unusual in some way - even if you had to fake it. This time out, I'm not going to tell you what people came up with. You'll just have to click through and enjoy them without "spoilers":

Julie - four signs, one of them hand-written

Steven - two signs, plus a whole flickr collection

Carly - three signs, including the one that inspired this topic!

Nancy - three literal signs, plus a metaphorical one.

Thanks, folks! New topic will be posted momentarily!


Yuma, October 2006

Cory's was torn down years ago, but the sign remains.

Half-propped at the base of the Cory's sign, facing inward

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