Monday, July 28, 2008

New Monday Photo Shoot: Proof of Air

New Monday Photo Shoot #31: Photographically prove the existence of air. I realize the stuff is normally invisible, but that's what makes this fun! Show us something that is filled with air, or flying through it, or held up by it, or moving it around - well, you get the idea!

Mine all come from my Saturday morning flight:

Even if the air isn't especially visible, the clouds the float in it are!

Haze over L.A. Doesn't look too bad.

Actually, yes it does.

Hence my mantra, whenever I fly or drive into L.A. "Don't breathe anything you can't see!"

Your turn! Show us some air, directly or indirectly. Post the picture(s) to your blog or journal, include links from there to here and (in the comments below) from here to there. I'll be back on schedule next Sunday night with the results!



barrettmanor said...

Here's something. Take your Dramamine first. Just sayin'.

Jama said...

Will capture something soon, be right back!

Jama said...

Ok, done already:

Steven said...

I'm in!