Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Are We Independent?

Solo travel on the open road, April 2006

For last week's Weekend Assignment #223: Are You Independent? I asked how independent you are. The holiday weekend that inspired the question pretty much scuttled the responses, but we had one actual entry and two in-comments answers.

Julie said...

I work as a freelancer, which is about as independent as you can get. It's a good thing and a bad thing. The good is that I can set my own hours. While Chris was in school I had time to run down and watch him in a play or help inside the classroom. If he ever needed a breathing treatment I was close by. I also have asthma, so it's nice to be able to drop everything and go to the doctor if I need to without fear of retribution by my employer. (Yes, I worked at a place like that once.)

Mike said in comments...

Sorry I didn't get to it this week. The holiday threw off my whole schedule. I will say That I am not totally independent. I think being married, and having two kids, makes it nearly impossible to to whatever I want, whenever I want. But I wouldn't change anything either. I'll be back next week.

Sarah said in comments...

Me too. I mean, sorry about not getting to it this week. Lots of invasive factors in my life this week, like crazy work. I think this makes two IOUs on the weekend assignment now (I swear I'll get to them someday!).

I live by myself and support myself, and often travel by myself, so yeah, I'm independent. I'm fortunate to have parents nearby who are often happy to lend their help and/or advice, but I make sure I'm always able to pay my own bills, get out of my own scrapes, choose my own adventures, etc.

Thanks, you three! The new Weekend Assignment is imminent!


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