Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nothing Much, and Bad News

Just autocorrected.

Today was the last Doctor Who episode in the UK, the kind of season finale that polarizes fans, delighting some and bitterly disappointing others. Put me in the delighted camp. Eventually I will get over my obsession enough to (mostly) stop talking about the show until Christmas, when the first of a year of four specials airs instead of a whole series. (The show return properly in 2010.) You may have to put up with a few more natterings from me on the subject before then, however.

Ripple effect and solarization.

Meanwhile, I'm using Doctor Who as an excuse to show you two versions of this "starfield." It's actually one of my lame attempts to photograph fireworks last night, autoenhanced. I kind of like the effect. I got no usable fireworks shots at all on the normal sense. All the fireworks this year were too low in the sky to be seen well from my neighborhood, probably because rain was imminent.

Tuffy's ear is alarming.

But enough of that, because I have serious news. Last night I noticed raw red patches on the back of Tuffy's ear. I thought her throat also looked a little swollen on one side, but decided I was wrong. This morning John woke me up after seeing both issues in her. The oncologist doesn't work weekends and the regular vet was out of town, but John will call for an appointment on Monday. Here we go again.

And yet she seems fine.

Yet for all that, she seems interested and reasonably lively, and her appetite is excellent. Yesterday she even licked me for quite a while, something she doesn't do very often. We've reached the point where we can't begin to guess whether she's doing well or badly, but clearly the ear and the neck thing (lymph nodes?) are alarming.



Becky said...

Poor Tuffy can't seem to catch a break. :-(

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Tuffy, poor puppy.

Anonymous said...

Again I hope for the best for sweet Tuffy.

Anonymous said...

Get better, Tuffy.