Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Is Me Being Cranky

Y'know what? I'm not in the mood to edit even a small sampling of Disneyland photos tonight, even if I felt I had time. The joy of this past Saturday is gone for the moment. I'm sure I'll regain some equilibrium in a few days, but right now I'm not having a good time. I've finally caught up with my blog-related obligations, but I need sleep, and Tuffy is never far from my mind.

We stopped at the compounding pharmacy on the way home from work to pick up Tuffy's Piroxicam. The pharmacy had a countertop that was full of pictures of dogs and cats, and someone there told me they fill a lot of pet prescriptions, along with the human ones.

Both the vet and the pharmacist said that this non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug has cancer-fighting properties. I notice that it's refillable six times, but frankly I'll be surprised if Tuffy makes it that far. I'm a little worried about her making it through the four days without prednisone before she can even start on the new stuff. Her appetite has already dropped to almost nothing, and her breathing is labored from the pressure the tumorous lymph glands put on her neck.*

Needless to say, John isn't any happier than I am right now. I think even Pepper is reacting a bit. She certainly seems more deferential to Tuffy than she was.

I don't have anything else to say tonight. Sorry. I'll do better tomorrow.

*Later: Tuffy isn't breathing loudly at all right now. I think I feel better.


DesLily said...

it's so hard to hear Tuffy's news, and as an x-parent to both dogs and cats during my life I know it never gets easier.

Between Tuffy and Elvis blogging can be pretty sad...

barrettmanor said...

Sorry to hear that, Karen. Sending GT's your way.

maryt/theteach said...

Karen, I'm sorry about Tuffy and his breathing difficulties. I hope he gets better.

Astaryth said...

Poor Tuffy... it's rough knowing that you have something that might help and can't give it yet :(

Glad that he's breathing better now.