Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot #28: That Was Then...

It's very late, so I'm going to make this quick:

New Monday Photo Shoot #28: Show us an unused photo from your archives that you could not duplicate today, for whatever reason.

What I'm looking for here is older photos you never uploaded before, showing places, people or events that are gone or currently inaccessible to you. For example:

Here are a couple of quilts from a quilt show and charity auction at Tucson Medical Center in 2006. Presumably these were auctioned off shortly after the picture was taken.
This is a view of the employee entrance of First Magnus Financial Corp's corporate HQ. The place went out of business nearly a year ago, so I'm unlikely ever to stand inside that building again.

More later, but you get the idea. So! Go to your files and find something that you couldn't photograph again today, at least not the same way. Upload it to your blog or journal with a link back here, and don't forget to leave your link in the comments below. People have been forgetting their inbound or outbound links lately, and I don't want to miss anyone. Have fun!


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