Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot #29: Black Is the Color

Well, it's finally happened. I don't have to do a round-up of entries for last week's Monday Photo Shoot #28: That Was Then..., because nobody participated but me. Not one person. Boo hoo. Gonna sit in the corner eatin' worms.

Update: Julie belatedly takes us back in time to Ireland and her son's youth.

But meanwhile I'm posting a new Monday Photo Shoot topic anyway. Calls for a certain color are nicely concrete topics, but what colors have we not done? I don't really want to search the entire history of the Monday Photo Shoot, so I'm going to pick a color I don't remember covering before and hope I'm right about it:

New Monday Photo Shoot #29: Photograph something black.

That's it. Black. The absence of color. It's actually a little tricky, because black things tend to appear gray or dark blue or really dark brown, or reflect other colors. But what the heck. Here are mine:

Black grocery bags.

Black bunny cotton dispenser.

Black fireplace grill.

The requisite black dog.

Your turn! (Please!) Photograph something black, post it to your blog or journal with a link back here, and please remember to leave a link to your entry in your comments below. I'll be back in black a week from now with a roundup of your entries - unless of course there aren't any, in which case I'll be in a black mood!



Jama said...

sorry Karen for not taking part in the last 2 challenges, just couldn't find the suitable photos.But I'm back for this week challenge. Posted up already.

barrettmanor said...

Here's something:

Carly said...

Here's mine...

Kiva said...

Sorry about last week, but I'm in this week.

The Eclectic Granny