Friday, July 04, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Phone Fun Features

The Rumor and its memory card plus adapter

Last week for the Weekend Assignment, I asked what phone features you use, would like to use, or don't care about. The messages we got follow; click on the names to read their entries:

Becky said in comments:

Lately my phone just sits in my purse, unused. Usually with a dead battery. Years ago when I was working and travelling a lot, I used it every day. I would check my email. People would IM me on my phone. But I've only texted 3 times. I don't do texting. It takes me waaaay too long to enter a message. Also, my phone is old. No camera. No MP3 player. No internet to speak of. Heck, it's both analog and digital and I am pretty sure they don't make analog cell phones anymore.

Julie said...

The reason I like this phone is that I can do so much with it. The Mogul isn't just a phone, it's my calendar, contact manager, MP3 player, portable video player, satellite navigation system, and off-site e-mail and web browser. And don't tell anyone, but I can play games on it as well.

Steven said...

Now where the phone excels is the 1gb memory card. About once a week I'll swap in new movies, cartoons or shows to watch. Music too. I have earphones. I pretty much program my own entertainment rather than download it through the phone. Cheaper and I get exactly what I want.

Mike said...

I am a gadget guy, so I'm afraid to go get a new one. I know I'm going to get one with way more features than I need. Speaking of features, I use the text message feature a lot. My wife and I are constantly reminding each other of things we need to do on the way home. Oh, who am I kidding, she is reminding me of things.

Florinda said...

My relationship with the cell phone started changing when I met my husband. Tall Paul is one of those people who keeps his cell phone on, and at hand, all the time; if he needs to give a contact number, that's the one he provides. When we moved in together, he added me to his cell-phone plan, and suddenly I had over a thousand minutes available every month, plus unlimited calls to other customers of the same provider and a limited amount of text messaging. This did alter some of my approach to phone usage.

Carly said...

Well, yesterday, when I woke up, I found a pretty gold bag on my desk that said Godiva on the side, and had a little hand written card next to it that read, "Don't open until I get home." You see, it was my birthday, and Alan had a surprise in store for me. He bought me a brand spanking new cell phone. It is a Sony Ericsson Walkman, model #5801... in pink. And to go with it, he bought me a cute little purse and some cables for charging it in the car, and to play my music play list through my car stereo.

Sarah said...

I do not like phones. But I finally decided I disliked certain situations, like trying to track down a pay phone when my tire blew out on the way to rehearsal, even more. So I broke down and got a simple pay-as-you-go phone.

Kiva said...

I have never been a person who liked to have long conversations over the telephone, even before cell phones. When I want to talk with someone, I want to see them. I find a lot of things are said, but the body language or mannerisms sometimes say another thing.

Quite a range here, folks! And I seem to be more or less in the middle. Thanks for calling in!

The new Weekend Assignment will be posted shortly.


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