Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pose for Me, Puppies!

Dog biscuits are the key to a good photo shoot.

I have nothing in particular to write about tonight - there's no news about Tuffy, I can't really tell you about work, nothing amazing happened on the weather front, and I'm trying hard not to overwhelm this blog with my Doctor Who ravings. But I've posted some pretty awful photos of Tuffy this week, so I now feel an obligation to post some better ones of Tuffy and Pepper both.

Pepper gets distracted at the wrong moment.

So after work tonight I grabbed a couple of dog biscuits and my camera and headed for the back yard, knowing I would be followed there. Pepper is still more than a little contrary (to be fair, I should admit that we haven't worked hard at training her recently), but both dogs will sit for dog biscuits. Tuffy will even stay on command, if I don't make her wait for long. Pepper, though, doesn't get the whole "stay" thing.

Look at the camera, Pepper! Pepper! Over here!

But what the heck, a couple minutes and a couple dog biscuits later, I had a few good shots anyway. Mostly I wanted to show you that although Tuffy's certainly not at her best, she doesn't look as bad in real life as in some of my recent photos. Also, I should mention that the long grass is the result of our recent rain, and will be cut this weekend. No, not by me!

Pepper "gets small" for the camera.

Pepper isn't actually much smaller than Tuffy; she's just farther away, and crouching a bit. It's a distorted perspective, but a cute one.

That's it for tonight. I'm tagging this for Steven's Feline, Furball & Feather Friday, because tomorrow night is the Weekend Assignment. I sure hope we get a few last minute participants on that....


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Karen! I am glad to see Tuffy looking so alert and attentive to dog biscuits. I am cheered. She is well trained. She looks healthier. I know you are still treating her for the lump in her neck, and her tongue surgery, but she looks good here. I hope she continues to get well, and heals, and responds well to all meds.