Saturday, July 12, 2008

Round Robin: Oro Valley, 7:43 AM to 5:21 PM

It's 2:38 AM on a Saturday morning. Must be time to post my Round Robin entry! This week's topic, "Morning, Noon and Night," was suggested by Vicki of the blog Maraca. Because her description included the words "natural light," I've abandoned my usual reliance on autoenhance, tone and saturation tools. Some photos in this entry may have been cropped or rotated or both, and all had been lightly sharpened. But other than resizing, that's all I've done to them. I took over 80 shots today, so what you're about to see is just a tiny sample of the variety of views from today, taken before work, at lunchtime and just before we drove home.

On Oracle Road, Driving In:

Late last night it rained heavily in Tucson: the monsoon is here. This morning the clouds over the mountains were dramatic and ever-changing. Forget different times of day - this particular ridge changed from minute to minute as we drove in this morning.

Pusch Ridge(?), 7:43 AM

Pusch Ridge(?), 7:44 AM

Morning Shots:

I arrived early enough at work that I was able to walk around and take pictures before I went in. Although the view was less dramatic than on Oracle Road, it certainly wasn't dull. Clouds covered the lower slopes of the familiar mountains, and John reminded me that a similar view of the Catalinas helped to inspire our love of Tucson back in 1986.

Behind our office building, 7:50 AM

From the street nearby, 7:51 AM

At Lunch Time:

By lunch time the clouds were starting to clear a bit, the ground was better lit, and the view of the mountains was sharper.

Behind the building, 12:33 PM

From the street, 12:32 PM

After Work:

When I came out of the office a few minutes late, John was there waiting in the parking lot. Nevertheless I took a few minutes to get the last shots of the day from this beautiful location before getting in the car. The sky was deep blue, the half moon hung over the mountains, and shadows from the office building covered patches of ground. I'm not actually in Oro Valley at night, so late afternoon will have to do!

Behind the building, 5:14 PM, with shadows

From the street, 5:15 PM, with the moon a speck in the blue

Oracle Road, Driving Home:

The dramatic shots of the drive in could not be matched from the passenger side of the car going home. This was the best of the lot:

Pusch Ridge(?), 5:21 PM

I'll probably have more photos of Oro Valley and the monsoon tomorrow night. Meanwhile, let's go see what the other Robins have photographed by morning, noon and night!


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Jan AKA Wammy said...

Incrediable views...can I move in? How do you get any work done during the day? I would just sit and watch as the world changed around me. It looks so different from where I sit. I really enjoyed all of your shots!

Carly said...

The mountains are lovely. The different times of day, and cloud cover only add to their mysterious quality. I am not sure which direction they face, but it would be interesting to the view from them.

Steven said...

Great geology! Serious rock. Way cool the way the light affects it too.

Teena in Toronto said...

What a differenced a day makes!

I played too :)

MyMaracas said...

You surely do live in a beautiful place. I love the low-lying clouds in the morning shots, and the sky is spectacularly blue in the afternoon. You really captured the spirit of the theme!


Anonymous said...

With that view, work must be enjoyable. Clouds can be so dramatic. :-)

I'll save you a click. I didn't play this week. :-)