Thursday, May 08, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: (Just Like) Starting Over

Last week, I asked to read about a major change you made in your life that worked ut well. Here are the responses:

Becky is glad she bagged it and moved to NJ.

Carly is grateful she and Alan found their home, opossums and all.

Mike made several changes in a short period, including marriage and a long commute to school.

Florinda also made several changes at once, including a move 1800 miles west.

Saqib had to choose between his job and his master's degree.

Sara, who is finishing up a life-changing first semester back at school, promised to tell us later.

Kristi Wachter dropped out of college - but that was just the first step.

Thanks, folks! The new Weekend Assignment entry is half-written, and will be posted in a couple of hours.


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