Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Fired Up

Last week, I asked you to tell us about something that involved fire.

Saqib tells us of a time when a backup generator turned into an electrical fire - which without his prompt action could have become something much worse.

Mike tells of two fires, one relatively harmless, the other actually benign. Interesting, though!

Kristi Wachter claims that The Joy of Cooking saved her life.

Carly tells us of a traumatic incident from her childhood.

Florinda presents her slightly abridged diary of last October's Southern California wildfires, as they happened.

Sarah explains the connection between King Lear and household disasters.

Kiva explains the charm of matchbooks, a dying art form.

Ice hot, folks! (That's a Doctor Who expression.) Thanks for your fiery tales. A new topic will follow shortly.


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