Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun Things To Do While Unemployed

Photograph yourself in the new haircut and interview blouse.

Give the dogs some cheese.

Treat yourself to a diet root beer and a book you've
had for months but never got around to reading.

Spend hours editing photos in a silly way for some internet meme.

My interview with a new recruiter went well, and I got a call from yet another one. And although Tuffy wasn't doing well early in the day, she seemed significantly better by evening. Things are looking up!



Laura said...

LOVE the new 'do! I can't wait to see the new glasses too. good luck with the job search.

Becky said...

New haircut looks fab! Hair color looks different from last I saw. More golden light sign of red. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Karen, I love the new hair style... it makes you look much younger. It will help you get that new job you are looking for, I'm sure of it. Short hair is good for you. bea