Sunday, May 25, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot Results: Specialness

This mural helps to make Mama Louisa's a special place.

Last week I asked you to show us something that can be considered "special" - a special occasion, a special meal or anything else you might come up with. Your posted specialties were as follows:

celebrated with New Year's confetti.

Jama showed us her niece's fifth birthday, and a special scrapbook layout.

Laura showed us two pictures from her medieval Jewish themed wedding in 2006.

Thanks, folks! Now let me explain the photo accompanying this entry. This is a tiny detail from the multimedia mural that adorns the walls of Mama Louisa's, the Italian restaurant where John and I had dinner on our 29th Anniversary on Monday. John hates it when I take pictures inside restaurants and other businesses when he's around, so this is all you get.

The new Monday Photo Shoot topic should be posted shortly after midnight. But first I have to come up with an idea for it....


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