Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot Results: Busy, Busy

The dishes never end. (Negative, solarization effects)

Last week I asked whether you folks saw any value in my continuing the Monday Photo Shoot, since participation has been rather low, and last week was down to one person. You folks responded with lots of encouragement and good suggestions, all of which are much appreciated. I will carry on . (And Martha, if you're still willing to co-host, please email me when you have time.)

Along with the encouragement and suggestions, we did get some actual entries this week, on the topic of being busy! Here they are:

Jama Hameed
has been busy cooking, cleaning and dusting. The part she shows us looks like the makings of a great meal!

Julie shows off her seriously messy desk, and explains the tasks represented thereby.

Carly has been working hard on her garden, and shows us a beautiful rose she cultivated as a result.

Martha did a major dusting and reorganization of her shelves.

Laura has been planting a vegetable garden. Sounds like she's got some great salads ahead!

Kiva documents a weekend so busy that she had to post her entry a day late.

Thanks, folks! The new MPS topic will be posted shortly.



Kiva said...

I'm going to be late (what's new?) I'm leaving on Tuesday and actually was doing all my chores on Sunday and this slipped my mind. I don't think all my chores are done yet so I go photograph them. Sorry :o( I'll post today. I promise.


Wendy said...

Love the effects you used on this photo. Very colorful!