Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Career Advice

Oh, good, my Cox internet connection is down. And I'm running late with this as it is! (Cox is upgrading the lines around here, and they tend to take things down during the night, when I'm one of the few people who are inconvenienced.)

Last week I asked for the best and worst career advice you've ever received. Here's what people said on this timely subject (for me, anyway):

Becky, writing directly in the comments, said: I hope you find something new, work wise, soon. I can't think of any work related advice, good or bad, at the moment. Maybe because it's now 7:15am and I've been up since 4am. That tends to turn my brain to mush.

Julie said: "The best advice that ever came my way was from a fellow writer: Act like a pro, and you'll be one. She didn't mean to act as though I was "better" than everyone else. She simply meant to act professional."

Saqib said: "Some good career advice that I got was from my manager. He told me that it is always good to help out at work."

Bea, also writing directly in the comments, said: "Hmm, career advice, good or bad? Best advice: Choose a career that interests you, that provides security, and that has opportunities for promotion. Worst advice: "pursue Women's Studies; avoid teaching because you will have to relocate to find a good paying job." Those were famous last words from a career advisor at a university where I had gone to find out about a teaching program for middle aged women with a previous degree. He was suggesting I not go into teaching? I couldn't believe my ears. The next day, I drove to another university, applied for their teaching program, got in right away, started the following Friday. Graduated two years later with a Master's Degree in Education. Nine years later, I am quite happy teaching, thank you! I recommend teaching to anyone who has already pursued a career. Hmmm, maybe this should be a journal entry!"

Sarah said: "I've actually been looking at a particular on-the-job fault of mine through a microscope this week, and have maybe realized something, but it's not the result of anyone's advice."

Florinda said: "I really can't recall getting any particular career advice, good or bad. One of my personal quirks - good or bad - is that I don't often ask for (or give) advice in general."

Kiva said: "A piece of advice that has been handed down for generations in our family: Don't burn any bridges. Anyone you have worked for, known or meet may help you in your career."

Arachne Jericho presents a flowchart of her life, "mostly because the only career advice that seems to have worked out for me is "You'd be a good fill in the blank".

Interesting stuff, folks! Thanks! And there's more advice in the comments threads of some of the entries referenced above. New topic to follow shortly, Cox willing!

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