Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Assignment #218: Fun, Fun, Fun

I'm still waiting for the cable internet connection to come back up, so I'm writing this in Seamonkey Composer. It's very late (past 4:30 AM!), partly because with the connection down, I can't pull up everyone's Weekend Assignment responses and snag quotes from them. The other reason, of course, is that I've been goofing off, messing around online and doing laundry before the connection went down, and watching Doctor Who, doing dishes and playing with Pepper since then. Which leads us to this week's topic:

Weekend Assignment #218: What do you do to have fun? Since you're reading this blog, let's assume that one of your leisure activities is blogging and reading blogs; we don't need to rehash that one, nor the subject of books, which we covered just recently. What else do you do for fun? Are you a runner, a hiker, a birdwatcher, a surfer? Or do you prefer to lie on a beach? Is cooking a joy rather than a chore? What do you enjoy doing, when you're not doing the usual stuff?

Extra Credit: What fun thing (no restrictions) do you plan to do next?

That little photo essay I did Wednesday night is what suggested this topic. As I mentioned then, I like to take pictures, do creative photo editing and hang out with the dogs. I'm not going on about the dogs tonight, but Tuffy seems to be doing a little better. But the photography thing is really part of a larger picture. See, what I like to do for fun is to explore, to see interesting, quirky stuff. And when I see it, I like to take a pictures or fifty.

Normally I prefer that these explorations take me the heck out of town, if only to go up Mount Lemmon for a few hours. The road to Disneyland is better, and a drive to someplace less familiar (such as my trip to New Mexico a few years back) is better still. But even a drive down some heavily traveled Tucson street can yield results on occasion. Case in point:

When I went out this afternoon to pay a bill and check in with the recruiter who got me the First Magnus job years ago, I noticed that the formerly pink winged bull on the roof of a local antiques mall had been painted silver, and that there was something next to it on the mall's roof. After I paid the bill, I doubled back for some pictures.

Cropping and darkening and saturating a bit, we find that the pink bull is now a silver space cow! Not only that, but he's next to a silver flying saucer. Apparently this wonderfully quirky display is in celebration of Peter Smith's Phoenix Mars Lander successfully touching down on Mars. What a cool way to celebrate!

And of course, given the subject matter, I have to double my fun with a silly photo edit!

How about you? What do you do for fun when you're not online or reading? Tell us about it in your blog or journal, and don't forget to include a link back here, and a comment below linking to your entry. I'll post the result next Thursday night - and preferably, not past dawn on Friday morning, as it is now. Later, friends!



Mike said...

I like the little aliens on the building! I missed last week, but here is this week's assignment.

barrettmanor said...

Here ya go:

Anonymous said...



Florinda said...

This was a fun assignment, even though we weren't supposed to count blogging as one of the "fun" things :-).

fdtate said...

I meant to do this...uh, over the weekend, but it slipped my mind. Here it is now; better late than never.

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to write shorter Weekly Assignment posts, but I had such a good time describing my idea of fun that I just went on and on.


Kiva said...

First there were PIGGGGGSSS INNNNN SPAAAAAACE. Now cows -- I think we better wear hats. I like the improved view. Just a note to let you know that I had fun.

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