Friday, May 02, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Books, Books, Books!

Last week I asked what sorts of books you preferred to read. I must say I was delighted by the variety, depth, and genuine interest of the response:

Pat, writing directly in the comments thread, says: "well now ms. karen .. lol.. a wild guess on my part is that Fantasy Fiction would be my favorite catagory, mostly with dragons and wizards involved.. big surprise huh?"

Mike favors sf and horror, especially Stephen King.

Carly gives us a tour of some current favorites, and asks, "I have wondered over the years, what would I have done, if I had never fallen in love with reading?"

Saqib says that science fiction is "da bomb," and gives his opinion of other categories as well.

Kristi Wachter narrows her favorite category to a single authors, before listing "a few second favorites."

Duane's interests are wide-ranging.

Florinda doesn't have a favorite genre, but instead ponders why we read, and what qualities she looks for in a book.

Sarah lists quite a few authors and categories, arranged on her shelves with a proto-librarian's eye.

Kiva confesses to book binging in a variety of categories, including science fiction and fantasy.

Having written a few follow-ups myself this week, let me just add that I finished reading Pride and Prejudice not half an hour ago, and find myself half-inclined to write in the literary style thereof, were I not both tired and in a hurry to get on with proposing the next Weekend Assignment topic. This duty cannot be long delayed, however; and it is my dearest wish that you may find the new topic as agreeable as this one has been. I therefore remain,

Yours, &c.


Mike said...

What about mine? Was it not good enough? :) just kidding. Not a big deal.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Sorry, Mike! I must have accidentally deleted the text containing your link when I compiled this last night. It was late, and I was tired. It's fixed now.

Mike said...

That's OK. It's not a big deal. Thanks. Hope you got some sleep. You are always up so late.