Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Triumph of Sorts

Pele, the Volcano Tiki Goddess. Note the volcano.

Here's why I'm still up (but not for long).

Points to remember for next year's Halloween preparations:

Detail from the Pele Tiki at Disneyland.

1. Nothing I'm looking for will be available at any stores whatsoever within a week of Halloween.

2. Even with lots of lead time, I will never achieve the full effect I'm going for, because I won't find all the materials and won't be able to construct things adequately.

3. Nevertheless I can do something interesting, on a more modest scale.

4. It's perfectly possible to lose an Exacto knife for half an hour in the middle of a project.

5. Ditto a package of paint pens.

6. The kids will probably forgive me if I hand out loose treats for the first half hour until I can get some bags assembled.

A little more of the original

7. Small toys are a choking hazard. Better give the toddlers candy only.

See you tomorrow night (late!)



Anonymous said...

I think your Tiki mask looks great... I'm very interested in masks, especially Native American and African. Now I am curious about the Tiki sort. Good job on the mask, Karen! bea

Anonymous said...

I haven't played with many of the features on my camera yet. I have been exploring the video program, however. Does yours have that feature? I had my first digital for a whole year without using the video feature, then, just before it malfunctioned and had to be sent off to the manufacturer (it had been recalled), I had discovered the video feature. Love the sepia pictures you took. bea