Monday, October 29, 2007

Dead Flowers: The Sequel, and a Tiki Update

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Last call for shots of live flowers! This is it for 2007, because after that for lots of places in the US, live flowers will be done for the year (unless, of course, they're inside your house. But never mind that).

Harrumph. Flowers again. All right, I took new flower photos for you. But I got home after sunset, and didn't take them until well after dark. So they're illuminated by flash - which made them interesting to edit, actually, so I don't mind at all. First up: the firecracker bush, as usual. It blooms all year, but sometimes more than other times. You can tell the middle is flashed out a bit. I wasn't able to correct that completely.

In front of the firecracker (hummingbird) bush are some annuals John bought a few months back. The grasshoppers discovered them right away, so they didn't do very well.

Something about that shot reminded me of Monet, so I've used some effects to make it more so. The "Impressionistic" filter didn't look good, but here's some saturation, an oil painting effect, a canvas texture and a frame. This is for you, Carly!

I went looking for Flat Earth Trading company at lunch today. I misremembered which side of Ajo it was on, and did a lot of driving in industrial park alleyways and cul-de-sacs, but I found it eventually. It didn't look like it was set up for in-person retail customers, though, so I took this photo and drove away. Love the Easter Island-style tikis! There were four or them, I think.

Back home, after dark, I got this shot of the two outdoor tikis together.

I have had no luck at all on a Tiki mask. Party City discontinued its luau stuff, Yikes! had nothing relevant, and I didn't do any further shopping tonight because of the NBC Monday sf shows. Unless I luck onto something tomorrow, or work very hard making something, I may have to fall back on Black Rose Kate to bail me out again this Halloween.



Becky said...

Darn it! I wish I knew about your Halloween idea sooner. I have all kinds of stuff I could send you. Aloha shirts, faux leis that look real, a muumuu even. A tiki mask would be the topper tho. I'm curious now... I wonder where... I'm off to look.

Carly said...

What a neat idea for Halloween.

Tiki theme. :) I suppose, now that I am actually looking at the tiki that they are kinda spooky, in a gargoyal kind of way. :) Do you get many kids for Halloween?