Friday, October 05, 2007

Queen of the Yard of the Weird

Tuffy welcomes me to her domain.

It's Round Robin time! This week's topic, "Backyard Photgraphy," was suggested by Tammie Jean of Long Drives To Nowhere. She reminds us that "you don't have to go very far to get great shots - there are plenty of opportunities right there in front of you."

Looking through our fence, at an alley and another fence!

Well, maybe. The sad truth (for me anyway) is that the Back Yard of the Museum of the Weird (let's just call it the Yard of the Weird) is an unsightly mess. Thick, weedy grass grows quickly back there, pushing up through dirt and concrete. The swimming pool is empty (long story), the only tree fell down two years ago and was carted away in pieces, and hardly any wildlife ever turns up inside the fenced enclosure.

Our view of the neighbors' back yard.

No trees, no flowers (most of the time), no birds but the occasional dove, and not much of a view (fences and houses obstruct the mountains). Basically what we have is dirt, grass, weeds, and various structures that need repair or replacement - oh, and a slab of turquoise colored concrete. In fact, John (who does all the yard work, and home improvements generally) would prefer that I not photograph the back yard at all. But here we go anyway!

A single feather says that a bird visited the yard. Maybe.

Elderly, lopsided electrical boxes, plus cable and phone lines.

Tuffy likes the yard much better than we do.

Really, there's only one photogenic feature in the Yard of the Weird - and here she is now. Tuffy spends far more time back there than John and I do combined.

Tuffy loves it when I visit her yard.

Those of you who only check this blog every couple of weeks may be unaware that Tuffy has had two operations in the past 15 days. On September 20th, the day I was hired by Famous Vehicle Dealer, she had three benign cysts removed from her head, shoulder and side. The biopsy they took of her tongue that day turned out to be cancer, a squamous cell carcinoma. On Monday, October 1st, she visited the animal oncologist and had cancer surgery the same day. She was miserable for a few days, but is recovering nicely, and happily frisked about the yard as I took these photos after work this evening.

Yard of the Weird - threat or menace? Tuffy is oblivious.

From what I've read, all the time Tuffy spends in the yard may be a contributing factor in her health issues. All that Arizona sunshine is probably why her eyes are a little milky these days with cataracts, and may even have been a cause of her carcinoma. But you can't explain such things to a dog. All we can do is take her to the vet when she needs it, and let her enjoy the Yard of the Weird.

After all, somebody should.

Now go see everyone else's back yard photography. I bet the other Robins have much prettier sights to show you! And remember, you are invited to join in as well, and to suggest a future Round Robin topic. See the Round Robin blog for details!


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Carly said...


It's fun to see Tuffy up and around, having fun her backyard. :) I still say she is the cutest dog ever. :)

Suzanne R said...

You were much more honest about your weedy spots than I was about mine. ;-) Tuffy looks like such a nice dog and it's great that she has her own domain. I'm glad she is doing better.

Anonymous said...

Tuffy looks very happy. And your yard looks much better than ours. Why do you think I take closeup shots of mine? ;-)

BTW, an anole is a type of lizard. I thought we had large geckos until Steven set me straight.

MyMaracas said...

My dear, you are an honest and fearless woman. Kudos to ya. My actual back yard's a wreck too. LOL

Glad to hear Tuffy is up and about, and congratulations on your new job!


Steven said...

Tuffy's yard! I like an overgrown yard. Too much attention and the critters get scarce. Great shots!

Gattina said...

At least you posted a backyard, lol you are the second one only all the others had flowers or insects but you have a dog and I am happy for you that he recovers so well, the poor thing after all his surgeries. I already wondered why he had a naked square on his back !

Anonymous said...

Tuffy is one beautiful dog!

Tammie Jean said...

I love the photos of your girl Tuffy! And I'm glad to hear she is recovering nicely - she's such a cutie!