Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Formerly Invisible Photos for the Invisible Photo Shoot

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Picture someone or something in the act of lounging about or slacking off. Naps, loitering, general loafing -- it all works. Show yourself, show friends, show pets. All this shoot needs is to have them not doing much at all.

You know what's coming, right? For all the usual reasons, here's Tuffy:

She's not so much lounging as posing for me, while "maintaining a state of catlike readiness" in case gobs of meatloaf suddenly appear between my fingers. That's currently all she wants to eat - no dog food, no cheese, no dog biscuits. As I've mentioned before, she's always been a fussy eater, so we're trying not to worry. Nevertheless, we worry.

This shot is from February, the same session as the photo on my sidebar.

Here's a surprise: I actually have a few shots for this shoot that have human beings in them, and no Tuffy! Here are my friends Kevin and Eva, this past Sunday afternoon:

And here's 102-year-old Eva with her daughter's dog, Shady:

And here's why I may just post this Monday Photo Shoot without any photos in it:

Good grief! First Carly gives me a heads up that all of Scalzi's Monday entries have disappeared from By the Way, including the Monday Photo shoot entry. For one awful moment I thought AOL was punishing Scalzi for breaking the Unwritten Rule or something. But no: everyone's Monday AOL-J entries are gone from their blogs. Any smugness I may have felt about this as a Blogger user (very little, actually) evaporated when I tried to upload the photos. I need to go to bed anyway, so I'm gonna try one more time, and then post without pictures if it doesn't work - and try again in the morning.

Hey, it worked this time! Good enough. Good night!


Becky said...

Oh good. Whew! So it wasn't just Scalzi's journal with missing entries. I thought AOL might have canned him in the latest round of layoffs and he deleted the entries so as not to give them free content.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! 102! OMG! I would love to live that long & she looks like in fairly good health!!! Great genes you have! Imagine what she has all seen & heard in her lifetime! She should do an interview on DVD so it is preserved for others to learn from!!!