Monday, October 08, 2007

He was there, honest!

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show us a picture of you or family/friends on an amusement park or carnival ride. Roller coasters, tilt-a-wheels, Ferris wheels or even carousels work. Usually I like picture as fresh as possible, but in this case I think it would be a little much for me to expect that you would go out and pay admission to your local amusement park just to snap a picture. So pictures from your archive are more than welcome.

Given that John doesn't like me to post pictures of him, that my photos of my friends on a long-ago trip are in a box somewhere, and that I'm unlikely to take photos of myself on an attraction, I really only have two choices for this. I can show you photos John took with me in them, or I can show you photos with nobody in particular in them. Or both, of course. I choose both.

Is it a surprise to anyone that the photos are all from Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure?

Karen on Dumbo, 7/7/03. Photo by JBlocher.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, 12/26/05.
John's hat and right ear were in the shot, but I cropped them out.
Photo by KFB.

Climbing on Mulholland Madness, California Adventure, 7/7/03.

Big Thunder Mountain, 7/4/03. Not sure who took this.

Karen at California Adventure, 7/6/03. Photo by JBlocher.

Karen at California Adventure, 7/6/03. Photo by JBlocher.

Best I can do tonight, folks!


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