Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pitiful Pup

Poor, poor pitiful she.

It's fair to say that I've been rather depressed tonight. Tuffy is home from the animal hospital, but she's pretty thoroughly miserable, and there isn't much I can do to help. Her tail is between her legs, and she's been mostly avoiding us all evening. When I got her home this afternoon, she whimpered near the water dish for several minutes before she dared to drink from it. Then she drank half the bowl.

Tuffy's pills - and cheese to hide them in.

The surgeon's assistant said to feed here soft, ground up canned dog food with water added. Fortunately we had Alpo chopped dinner on hand. But I couldn't get her to eat any of it, either the watered down mess in the dog dish or a spoonful in my hand, wrapped around a pain pill. Even mushed up cheddar cheese didn't tempt her enough to overcome her reluctance to use her tender tongue to that extent. Many hours later, I finally got a pain pill into her via dog food, but she still hasn't touched her food dish, as far as I know.

Well, we know it will be worth it in the long run. Her pain and misery now will mean more years of healthy life, once she recovers from the surgery. But oh, how pitiful she is right now!

The head of the Diamondback pedestrian bridge.

More of the bridge. Yes, it has a tail.

I did make a few attempts to photograph the Diamondback pedestrian bridge on Broadway near downtown, just off the route between my office and the veterinary surgeon's office, and between the vet and home. I'm not sure it's possible to photograph the whole thing adequately, even if I found a place to pull off and took the time to do so. Trees and traffic get in the way, and it's just too long to all fit in the lens. But you get the general idea. I'll give it a more concentrated effort another time.



Carly said...

Hey :)

I am sorry you are feeling sad, and I know how taxing the first couple days after a pet has a procedure done,but you can't let it zap you. Try to focus on how she is healthier now, and how much fun she will be having in just a couple weeks. Soon, you will all feel so much better. Her prognosis is very good, enjoy what's to come.

Always, Carly

Becky said...

Poor puppy... I think it hurts us more than them when our pets are in pain. We know they don't know why we hurt them or how to make the pain go away. All you can do is give her extra love.

As for the bridge...that is so cool! I think you need an SLR digicam with one of those special fish eye lenses and a higher vantage point (like one of those office buildings I see in the background). Or maybe if your camera has a panoramic setting with one of those auto-stitch tools. My camera has that, but I've never experimented with it.

Actually I think that's a good idea for a Round Robin challenge. Use a setting on your camera you've never tried before and see what you get. :-)