Sunday, December 02, 2007

Quick Pics and Then to Bed

Well, what do you expect? It's late! But it's not completely my fault. My computer was horribly sluggish most of last night and all of today, until finally I shut down completely instead of just restarting. I think it may have been the latest Firefox upgrade that did it. In any case, it frequently took a minute or two to scroll up or down or select a tab or close a window, if it worked at all. I couldn't get a defrag to run, Norton didn't find any viruses, and the few windows I had open frequently had the words "Not Responding" next to them. But it's better now, finally. Much better.

On to the annotated photos:

A few days ago in the bathroom I glanced down at a Doctor Who book on the floor, and was quite surprised to see a lizard on it. It took a few tries, but I managed to rescue him and put him on the outside of the window sill.

Can you see the sparkle of water on Tuffy now? This was from Saturday.

John and I went to Barnes & Noble, and despite the upcoming holiday I was highly self-indulgent. All three of these books are brand new.

A big ol' cloud at dusk.

Other things accomplished today, despite everything, included determining that Chapter One of Heirs is a thousand words and three pages shorter than, well, whenever I compiled that particular version of the word count doc. I also edited the first scene of Chapter Two, which is in good shape anyway. And I solved my HTML editing issue, sort of. I found an option to uncheck in Word, and the links on my L'Engle pages appear to have stayed intact. The bad thing is that Word introduced some of the usual Word-specific tags. But it opened okay and looked all right in Firefox, so I can live with it. So my L'Engle pages on finally acknowledge L'Engle's death. Tomorrow I'll update the AOL mirror pages and the St. Michaels' sermons page, with has fussy podcast links. But first I expect I'll be taking a nap after church. Good night!


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Green Rider is a good book.