Saturday, December 01, 2007

Food for a Rainy Night

Because of my usual obsessiveness about scheduling issues beyond my control, I've got two entries tonight. This one is the Weekend Assignment. See below for the Round Robin Photo Challenges entry. Thanks!

Weekend Assignment #193: Share one of your favorite comfort foods. Because it's just about the time of year for them, isn't it? Getting chillier and with the cold comes the desire for warm food that makes you happy. Hello! Comfort food.

Extra credit: Well, a picture of your favorite comfort food would be nice, and might also make me hungry.

First off, my #1 comfort food isn't warm at all. I even wrote a haiku about it for a different Weekend Assignment several years ago:

Ice cream from Trevor's, a great business that has since folded.

Cold comfort food soothes
Hunger, stomach pain and stress:
Ice cream first; then guilt.

The other two "snack-ku" were

Pumpkin anything!
Strange that I should crave foods with
Jack O' Lantern eyes.


Dolley Madison
Would be astonished to learn
About her snack cakes.

The third one isn't especially relevant, but ice cream really is my main comfort food of choice, and the right "pumpkin anything" isn't far behind. Take today, for example. I think I mentioned in passing last night that I've had "digestive inconvenience" since Wednesday afternoon. I don't know why, but whatever it is, I've still got it. This morning there was pumpkin bread at work, but I only had one small piece. Actually I'm not quite sure that it was pumpkin bread. By this afternoon when I went to lunch, I was feeling especially bad. So I had a McFlurry, because somehow ice cream always makes me feel better, at least temporarily. I also had a hamburger (no mayo, no cheese) because I'm theoretically giving blood tomorrow, if my iron level is high enough.

Anyway, by the time I got home tonight I was feeling crummy again. I decided to get some soup. When John pointed out that the soups I like to buy at Safeway aren't especially healthy, I decided to get dinner from Peking Palace instead. So I did.

Here it is, warm comfort food for a rainy night and a queasy stomach. Note the phone book still open in the background from ordering.

Inside: house egg foo yung, won ton soup and white rice.

And it worked! I felt better, for a while. The big question is whether I'll be well enough to give blood tomorrow, since "Are you feeling healthy today?" is one of the Red Cross's questions. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

That thing from Trevor's looks like a Jubilee roll from Massachusetts-based Friendly's.

Anonymous said...

makes me want an egg roll real bad :)