Saturday, January 16, 2010

Round Robin: Cinnamon Fire (entry 1 of 2)

I'll be doing two entries for this week's Round Robin Photo Challenge: Candlelight, as challenged by Carly of Ellipsis. For this first entry, I made my first serious use of my new tabletop tripod, pointing it at a "cinnamon & nutmeg" votive candle I bought in a pack of four at Christmas. Normally we get bayberry, but apparently that's not boutiquey enough for places like Walgreen's to carry any more. Anyway, I took a number of shots, fussing with the settings a couple of times along the way. Here are some of the results, in the order taken:

None of the above shots have been lightened or darkened or saturated, just cropped in a couple of cases. But I can't resist doing just one FX edit. This uses the solarization effect in PhotoStudio, followed by a negative effect. Cool!

The next entry will follow shortly, and include links to the other Robins. Stay tuned!



Sandy from the Heart of Texas said...

Lovely candle shots. The technique is the last one is very different! I love cinnamon candles!


Carly said...

Hi Karen

Goodness, I almost forgot to comeback to this one. I like how you lined them up. Nice angle. I really like the third one from the bottom. It's dark, yet the window next to it is a nice touch. Well done.