Sunday, January 03, 2010

EMPS: My Year in Pictures, Sort Of, Part Two

Continuing my 2009 photo gallery for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #70. See also EMPS: My Year in Pictures, Sort Of, Part One!

In July, I photographed the El Conquistador Water Tower, the sole remaining structure of a legendary Tucson resort:

The top of the tower features a prospector on its weathervane. July 28, 2009
From Two Towers

In September I photographed some human "bats" on Bat Night in the Rillito River. Real bats also put in an appearance.

Bat People. Bat night, September 12, 2009.
From Bat Night 2009

In November, I took my camera on a wander downtown. I never did get around to writing about this shop I came across. The couple that ran the place was very friendly and interested when I told them I intended to post pictures of their store, Desert Bloom:

Desert Bloom, 27 N Stone Ave. November 9, 2009.
From Another Stroll Downtown

In December, I came across a couple of run down but picturesque businesses on my way back from being lost just south of the Diamondback Bridge downtown:

Yoga and Coke. Downtown Tucson (sort of), December 17, 2009.
From Lost in Tucson

And that's kind of it for 2009. I wonder what photographic adventures we'll have in 2010!


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Carly said...

Cool, cool, cool! Next year I really should make you the official photographer of BAT NIGHT! FANTASTIC. Like I said, that could get me to Tucson if anything could!