Tuesday, November 10, 2009

EMPS: Another Stroll Downtown, Part Zero

This is just a quick note to the effect that I've spent the better part of the past nine hours editing 85 of the 124 digital photos I took today, nearly all of them of interesting sights in downtown Tucson. The idea was to post my Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot entry on Monday for a change. This week's topic is Downtown, which I'm delighted to tackle. Downtown Tucson is one of my favorite photographic subjects, but I tend not to get down there except when a photo meme calls for it.

But it's now 3:16 AM Tuesday, and I have to work in the morning over at St. Michael's. I'm way too tired to tackle a proper blog entry tonight, let alone the first of about three entries I'll need to show you even a representative sample of what I photographed today. So here instead is Part Zero, intended to intrigue you so you'll stop back later this week to see the rest!

For now, here are a few sample shots. If you can't stand to wait, click on any image to get to the full Picasa gallery of edited photos.

The Main Library (left) and some of the most iconic of the downtown buildings, 
as seen from the Public Works parking garage.

The old Pima County Courthouse, again from the parking garage.

How many American cities have this dramatic a mountain view from downtown?

This sculpture in front of the library looks like it's stalking the man with the cell phone.

A downtown boutique (27 Stone Ave) called Desert Bloom. 
And thereby hangs a tale, sort of. But not tonight!



Alan said...

Does Tucson have water problems? The Times had a piece, not long back, on cities in danger from climate change that listed Phoenix as being particularly susceptible to drought.

Jama said...

I love that third photo, so awesome! I've yet to go downtown, hopefully will be able to do that within these 2 days. Weather is also not cooperating, the picture might look wash-out. We'll see....

Carly said...

Hi Karen

I just spotted your post. I would have been by sooner, but I didn't know you had posted. Don't forget to comeback and leave your link! :)

Great pictorial of Tucson! It's a lovely place, especially with those mountains as a frame. :) I am so intrigued by the red sculpture, it's wonderful! :)

Well done!


Suzanne R said...

All of your pictures are very interesting but I especially love the red sculpture. The old courthouse is neat, too. Nice job!

Liz said...

I love the first and third photographs that have such a dynamic sky that it enhances the picture.
My favourite has to be the first, as I am subtly led by leading lines into the photograph to enjoy a great composition.