Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot: Looking (at) Glass

Let's get right to it:

New Monday Photo Shoot #6: Show us something made of glass.

Simple, huh? Here's what made me think of it:

John cleaned out our pots and pans cupboard over the weekend, and found this punchbowl stashed toward the back. It hasn't been used in years and years. John asked whether we still needed to own it. I explained that I bought it at a yard sale (or possibly a rummage or estate sale) in the late 1990s, specifically because it's exactly the same kind of punch bowl my family had back in Manlius, NY forty years ago.

The kicker is that the mismatched cups in two different patterns are even the same two patterns we had in Manlius. Considering the original went away in a Manlius yard sale in 1976, John joked that this broken collection, purchased in Tucson, could be the same bowl and cups! Whether that means I need to keep them forever remains to be seen.

There was also the Tom and Jerry set (based on a drink, not the cat and mouse), but that was milk glass, and I didn't like it much.

Your turn! Find something made of glass and photograph it for us. There should be lots of options. Post it to your journal or blog, and then come back here and leave a link. I'll do a roundup next Sunday night.

(And if I may gripe for a moment on a tangential subject: I went to import some photos from my camera tonight. When I tried to set it to import into a different folder for Feb 08, Vaio Content Importer suddenly insisted that I log in to WindowsLive or whatever it's called. So I went through the rigmarole of signing up for that. It didn't work. It kept asking for the password over and over, and still would not let me browse for another folder on my own dang computer, or even start over. So I imported through Windows instead. That worked, sort of - except that it created a dated folder when I'd asked it not to, and renamed every imported file starting from 001.jpg. I am ticked!)



barrettmanor said...

Yeah, Vista puts your pictures in dated files. Are you tagging your pictures? I know: It's a massive project, but it'll make your pictures easier to find.

I did manage to shoot something. It's not the best, but here ya go:

Carly said...

Hi Karen

Here is my Monday Photo Shoot entry...

Anonymous said...

Here's mine...

Kiva said...

Hi Karen,
Late as usual. Here's my Monday Photo Shoot entry.

I had the same problem with Windows so I bought Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and found it is worth every penny.

Eclectic Granny