Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot: Multicolorful! Plus Your "New" Photos

As promised, here are the results of last week's Monday Photo Shoot. It was a light turnout, but I have high hopes for this week. What's this week's topic? That will be revealed in this very entry, right after the links for last week.

The topic was "What's New?" and I asked you to show us something new:

Julie celebrated the New Year with her annual "confetti shot."

Whee! Martha and the kids got a new Wii from Santa!

Astaryth got a new book of equine photography - surprisingly new, in fact.

Becky shows us how happy Max is on his new rocking horse.

That's it! As I say, it's a light turnout, what with the holiday and the fact that it was my first attempt to continue this John Scalzi meme. Now, on to this week's topic. At various times Scalzi asked us to shoot something in one specific color or another. This time out, let's mix them up, shall we?

New Monday Photo Shoot #2: Show us something colorful. I don't mean a little colorful, or just one color. Let's see something that has three or more colors in it, something just about guaranteed to provoke the reaction, "Wow! That's really colorful!"

Here's mine:

Yes, I'm subjecting you to yet another Safeway sunset. This one took place tonight, and was the most colorful I've seen in a long time. Yes, I cheated on the saturation on that last shot, but not by much.

Your turn! Post a picture of something multicolored, and then come back here and leave a link in comments so we can all take a look. To keep things simple and consistent, I'll post the results in the early morning hours of Monday the 14th, so you have until Sunday night to post your entry and leave your link. You can use HTML to make a live link, or just paste it in as text. And no, you no longer need a Blogger ID to leave a comment.

Have fun!



Becky said...

Here's mine:


Laura said...

how about a double roygbiv? just a break in the trifecta storms that swooped into our neck of the woods.
thanks for taking on the monday photo shoot!

barrettmanor said...

Here ya go:

Anonymous said...

here's mine.

Anonymous said...

Here's mine...

Martha :-)

Anonymous said...

I came by way of Martha ... I'd like to play along. I think I know exactly what I'd like to photograph for this.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention I really like your Safeway sunset photographs. Beautiful!