Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Assignment #212: Celebrate Poetry Month!

If you think you saw a totally different Weekend Assignment topic posted here earlier today (Friday), no, you're not crazy. I found out today that it's National Poetry Month, and regretted not going with an idea I had last night that happens to coincide with this occasion. Since nobody has posted a response yet to the topic I wrote about last night, I'm going to bump that one in favor of this one. Forgive me?

Weekend Assignment #212: It's National Poetry Month in the United States, but poetry itself is a worldwide phenomenon, existing in many styles. Let's celebrate the form. How? By writing a poem, of course! It can be silly or serious, haiku, limerick, rhymed verse, blank verse, free verse, two lines long or fifty, or anything in between. All I ask is that it be a new, original poem, not something you wrote in high school and trot out occasionally.

Extra Credit: Do you have a favorite poet?

I'm rushing this entry onto the Outpost in the hope that nobody is thrown too badly by my switcheroo; consequently I haven't written my poem yet. But here's a placeholder:

My brain arranges
Today's news into regret.
But words lag behind.

I can do better.
Images will become text
Quite soon: watch this space!

(this picture is a rerun from 2005).

Okay, I've put this off long enough:

Dog in the Nighttime

More barks disturb the night: they cry;

I listen, try to tell

If it's a neighbor dog nearby

Or one with which I dwell.

I study pitch and speed, and tap

The style and the tone.

Is this a lonely toy dog's yap,
Or hound dog's worried moan?

Of course I try to gauge the sound

Direction most of all.

Is it in our yard (this round)

Or well beyond the wall?

To the north and to the south,

And straight out to the east,

Barks and howls come from the mouth

Of every canine beast.

That could be Tuffy, I'm afraid.

And that my Pepper's yelp.

Did they hear some cat invade,

And rush outside to help?

I've tried, but I still can't quite tell
The source of every bark.

The canine chorus starts to yell;

I peer out at the dark.

I tap the glass, call out their names,
Hope Pepper doesn't hide.

Tuffy thinks I'm playing games,
'Cause she was safe inside.

"Go get her, Tuff!" and Tuffy goes

A few feet out the door.
Pepper follows Tuffy's nose

And they're inside once more.

The door is shut; it can't be them,

But dogs I can't control.
Mine sit out the shrill mayhem
That wakes each sleeping soul.

KFB, 4/20/08

Oh, and favorite poet? For me it's a toss-up between E E Cummings and Ogden Nash. Or A.A. Milne. Or Theodore Geisel. Hmm. Let's go with Dr. Seuss.

If you don't usually write poetry, here's your chance to stretch those writing muscles. If you do, here's a chance to show off your mad skillz. Write a new poem in your blog or journal, and be sure to include a link back here. Then leave a link to your entry in the comments below. Our online poetry festival will be posted next Thursday night. Have fun!



Unknown said...

hopefully my post won't be in vain ;)

MyMaracas said...

Hey! Poetry! Good deal. I played:

Mike said...

Karen you are killing me. I tried my best. Don't hurt yourself reading mine.

Anonymous said...


Hooray for poetry!


Carly said...

I finished my Weekend Assignment and it can be read and see here...


Anonymous said...

seventeen sound beats
I struggle to create verse
without rhyme, haiku

My response is here.

Mike said...

I like the new poem. Did you find out what all the noise was about?

Florinda said...

Mine is up, but I may have an addition or amendment to it later, as a guest post from my sister. She's the poet in the family, not me.

Love the dog poem, Karen.

Kiva said...

The subject of my poem is my dog,
which is better than a frog,
but not as good as a blog.

Kiva, the Eclectic Granny

Anonymous said...

This time I really truly AM late on the assignment, but I really, really enjoyed doing it. As I wrote, I was looking forward to writing it all week.

(And thanks for the reassurance a couple weeks ago that responses aren't due on the weekend. Next week, I'll get my post in sooner!)