Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot #17: Fur Sure

Betcha thought I forgot, didn't you? But no, it's not my fault. Cox cable was down last night, and I had no Internet when the time came to post last week's Monday Photo Shoot results, followed by this week's topic. So here I am, rushing to get the new topic posted before going to work this morning. The roundup will have to wait until tonight.

New Monday Photo Shoot #17: photograph something furry or fuzzy, whether it's a textured fabric, an animal (real or otherwise), a beard, a piece of fruit, or something else. All I ask is that the photograph concentrate on whatever it is that's furry or fuzzy, and ignore other features (such as eyes and noses) as much as possible.

Here are mine:

Pepper's fur is thick and dirty. When we bathe her, she rushes out afterward to lie in the dirt. But at least she no longer scratches constantly. John's been giving her a supplement of "Omega 3s for doggies."

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.

A different Tuffy

Your turn! Photograph something fuzzy or furry, and concentrate on that part of the picture in your framing and editing. Post it to your blog, and leave your link from there to here, and from here to there. I'll be back in a week with the results - unless the cable is out!

See you tonight with your entries from last week!


P.S. I've now added my (illustrated) poem to the Weekend Assignment entry. Take a look!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I'll be back!

Jama said...

finally it's done, I would have posted more picture if the server co-operated , but never mind, 2 is still ok!

Jama Hameed

barrettmanor said...

Don't faint. I managed a picture this week. And it's not a cat - nor it it something from my fridge! ;-)

Carly said...

I have my Monday Photo Shoot posted and ready for visitors...

Anonymous said...

Did I make it in time? Sorry Karen, I'm running late with everything this week!
Here's mine...

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen - I did a fuzzy entry!! Check it out!

Kiva said...

Fuzzy wuzzy was a blog,
Fuzzy wuzzy is a dog
And ???


Eclectic Granny