Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekend Assignment #275:: Stay Cool

This entry is late - again - because I was wracking my brain for a new Weekend Assignment topic. I've even started writing up the entry, only to discover that I've asked the same thing before, more or less. Perhaps I'm overthinking it. Let's go with something simple:

Weekend Assignment: #275: What's your favorite way to stay cool in the summer? Is this even an issue where you live?
Extra Credit: Was climate a significant factor in deciding to live where you do?

This topic was belatedly inspired by something I went though earlier this week, as recounted in my EMPS entry. We had a power failure for nearly two hours on Tuesday evening. That meant no tv, no computer, no air conditioning, no light to counteract the dusk as the house fell into darkness. I took a walk around the neighborhood with my dogs, but when that was over I couldn't stand to sit in the dark, muggy house doing nothing. I got in the car and drove away - twice - until the power returned. Then tonight the power went off again, but fortunately only for a few minutes this time.

When the power was out, the loss of cable tv was a little annoying, but hardly disastrous. Ditto the Internet, and even electric light. But losing the air conditioning - now that was a disaster.

It should be no surprise that Tucson's population didn't really take off until the advent of home air conditioning. Temperatures this week have hovered around 106 or 107, according to the thermometer in my car. It's been humid as well. So we really need the a/c. Sure I drink lots of cold drinks this time of year, and yes, ice cream rides high on my list of self-indulgences and comfort foods. But a/c is the big must have. Here it is 4:26 AM, and I'm listening to the large room air conditioning unit blasting away in the den. I tried turning it off a little bit ago, but I didn't last long without it. At 4 in the morning!

John also has been running the a/c a lot this summer, and the dogs are clearly fans of it as well. Whenever I go to the part of the house with the bedrooms and the restrooms, the dogs hang out my the bedroom door, and run in if I open that door. Pepper in particular is especially anxious for us to retreat to the bedroom. They don't want to be in there alone, not unless the door is left open at least. But they are always trying to lead me in there, day and night.

Now, obviously, summer is not the best time of year to be living in Tucson. Once the monsoon rains really get going, it can be quite dramatic and fun. But to be honest, we weren't paying that much attention to summer when we decided to buy a house here. We were thinking of winter, and how we'd had enough of it. To the extent that we considered the problem of Tucson in the summer, we mostly thought, "That's okay. We can always turn on the air conditioning!"

So. What about you? Do you find relief in the flick of a switch, a tall glass of ice tea, or something else? Does it even get hot enough where you live to present an issue? Tell us about it in your blog, with a link back here, and a link to your blog entry in the comments below. Just be sure to get your entry in by Thursday evening, because I'm going to try again to get this increasingly tardy meme back on schedule. Meanwhile, there's last week's Assignment to wrap up:

For Weekend Assignment: #274: The Pursuit of Happiness, I asked, as you may have guessed, how you personally pursue happiness. Here are excerpts from the responses:

Georganna Hancock M.S. said in comments...
Long ago I gave up pursuing happiness, probably about the time that I discovered it was pursuing me and I only noticed it when I paused long enough for it to catch me. ;)

Julie said...
First I should define "Happiness." It's a very elusive concept. There are things that make me feel happy, such as reading a good book or hitting "the end" on a story I'm writing.

But what is "Happiness?" The thing that makes me lay back and go, "ahhhh," at the end of a long day? Having a client actually pay up for a change? (In this economy, that should be getting a client that has a chance of paying up.) A vacation? That would make me very happy, but it's not going to happen.
Florinda said in comments...
I may have to turn this assignment in late. We had some family upheaval over the weekend (my mother-in-law went into the hospital), and I may be playing catch-up for the next few days. Just didn't want you to think I was bailing on you! (By the way, none of that is conducive to my pursuit of happiness :-).)

Mike said...
A good comedy, either or TV or movie, can make me happy, too. Actually, sometimes I like to watch bad movies that crack me up in ways that they are not meant to be funny. I guess that is why I like Mystery Science Theater 3000 so much. Usually, when I'm watching one of these bad movies, I'll hop onto Twitter and make some jokes about it. I know most people don't get them, or even see them, but it makes me feel better just to make those lame jokes.

That's it for now! As always, I'm looking for suggestions for future Weekend Assignments, and also for more of you to participate in writing the entries. Come on - as good the our three stalwarts above are, we'd love to hear from YOU as well. Thanks!

My Round Robin entry will follow in a couple of hours. I need a nap first!



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barrettmanor said...

It's darn near as hot here in Texas - and we have enough humidity outdoors to soak a fluffy towel or six. I did write up something, though:

Florinda said...

It's hot here, too.

Back on track for this week, but I'll probably miss at least one of the next two Assignments, since I'll be at a conference at the end of next week.

Mike said...

Once again I'm late, but I'm done. Luckily, it hasn't been so hot here.