Friday, March 07, 2008

Weekend Assignment #206: Happy Birthday!

Let's get right to it:

Weekend Assignment #206: My birthday is coming up on Monday. In the grand tradition of the Beatles and my mom*, I magnanimously declare this to be your birthday, too. So, what would you like for your birthday? (And no, I won't actually be buying it for you. Sorry!)

Extra Credit: Do you ever tell anyone what present(s) you want in real life?

Me first: I don't actually expect John (or anyone) to come up with this present. For one thing, it's too new to be readily available in this country, especially by March 10th. For another, it's $30, which probably seems a bit steep to someone who isn't as heavily into this stuff as I am. But this is what I want:

The two shots on the top row of the composite photo above show a toy replica of the prop shown in the remaining three shots, the fob watch that stores the Doctor's Time Lord essence in one of my very favorite Doctor Who stories of all time, "Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood." It plays voices (as heard in the episode), and is even a working watch. So cool! There were a few of these for sale at the Gallifrey One convention, but they were sold out in the first ten minutes after the dealers' room opened, hours before I arrived. But I will have one of these, even if I have to order it myself.

And yes, sometimes I will tell John what I want, with varying expectations about whether I'll actually get it.

Your turn: tell us what you want for my birthday. Write about this in your journal or blog, and come back here and leave a link to your entry in the comments to this one. Next Thursday night I'll do my usual roundup of everyone's responses. Have fun, and I hope you get what you want when your real birthday comes around!


*My mom once bought me a parakeet on her birthday.


Florinda said...

I'll be back later this weekend after I've done my assignment - it's my birthday this month too, so my list will (probably) be for real. I just wanted to tell you that ee March babies are having a month-long birthday party over here - come join us!

Becky said...

Oh that's neat! I've always had a thing for pocket watches. I even had a pair of pants in the 80s that had suspenders and a special pocket for one of these. Never did get one, but I wanted to. LOL

As for mine:


Unknown said...


Laura said...

as a matter of fact, TODAY is my birthday so i will play along.
happy birthday to you, karen!

Laura said...

and now i will add my link! :D

Mike said...

Happy birthday Karen! I like the watch! I think it looks cool. Here is my response.

Anonymous said...

Not playing this time but wanted to say I hope you have a very happy Birthday!!!

LKW said...

Happy Birthday to all of the March folks. Here's my entry:

fdtate said...

If you're not going to buy it for me, I hardly see the point, but here's my assignment.

Florinda said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! Hope you have a great day. My assignment's done, and here it is.

Megan said...

Better late than never right? Thanks to Florinda through whom I found this assignment.

Here it is.


Kiva said...

That watch is sooooo cool. My college roommate would love it as well. She's the one who turned me on to Dr. Who. I hope you get one for your own.

My want list is at Eclectic Granny.

Eclectic Granny