Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Your Birthday Wish Lists

For last week's Weekend Assignment, I invited you all to share in my March 10th birthday and asked what you would want as a gift. The responses:

Becky wants a Canon telephoto, wait, a Sigma one.

Saqib wouldn't mind having an iPod.

Laura actually did have her birthday this past week! About two dozen people have come through with her requested gift.

Mike wants a good telescope so he can share the stars with his family.

A different Laura figures to order her gift from Amazon.

Duane expresses annoyance that I won't actually buy him a digital camera.

Florinda is celebrating her actual March birthday with a long weekend, but won't mind getting gift cards and Season 3 of Lost. She also tells us of a month-long birthday party for those of us who were born in March.

Megan would like a weekly pen delivery, and every book in the world.

Kiva wants something BIG, and the freedom to use it.

So overall, we want to read books, do some writing, listen to music, take pictures of the stars with state of the art equipment, and watch DVDs as we ride away on Kiva's present. Works for me!

New Weekend Assignment will follow in a couple of hours.


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