Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot Results: Counting the Clocks

For "Monday Photo Shoot: On the Clock" I asked you to show us some interesting clocks. The ones you folks came up with were interesting indeed:

Julie's clock is a vintage tribute to those newfangled televisions.

's clock is caught in a tree (sort of).

Vicki's clock is in stitches.

Jama's clock is fine china.

Laura's "info globe" leads off a tour of her clocks.

Kiva's clocks show off her husband's talent, except for the one with Mickey! She also has a train lover's clock.

Thanks, everyone! The new Monday Photo Shoot topic will be posted in a few minutes, I hope!


Martha said...

I'm heading over to visit eveyone now...

Martha said...

My apologies to Jama. I tried and tried to leave a comment, I do have a blogger name too but it still wouldn't accept.