Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weekend Assignment: In Just- Spring

An astronomer who goes to St Michael's said tonight (if I understood him correctly) that this is as close as Easter gets to the vernal equinox for the next century or so. Between that and my shot of sunset through the shopping center arch the other night, I'm slightly intrigued at the moment about the concept of spring. This week's Round Robin topic will be about the First Signs of Spring, but for the Weekend Assignment I want to tackle a different angle:

Weekend Assignment #208: Meteorologists define spring in the Northern Hemisphere as beginning March 1st; others define it according to the vernal equinox, the return of warm weather, or the appearance of a groundhog's shadow. What does spring mean to you, and what, if anything, do you intend to do about it?

The full moon at sunset (roughly), first day of spring

Here in Tucson, spring is mostly a function of astronomy and calendars. For me personally, the official first day of spring falls on or near my husband John's birthday (March 22), soon to be followed by my brother Steve's birthday (March 25). That means more to me than how full the moon is or what time the sun sets.

The first sunset of spring

Early Spring is also the last chance to accomplish anything before it gets really hot (over 100 degrees) and then monsoonish around here (i.e., it rains a lot, usually around 5 PM). If, therefore, I'm going to fulfill my longstanding intention of culling stuff from our many boxes and holding a yard sale, I'd best get on with it! Gulp! I suppose I have to actually do it now, don't I?

Your turn: have you do you feel that Spring is springing? Have you big plans for spring cleaning, spring planting, or spring break? Tell us about it in your blog or journal, with a ling back to this entry. Then leave a comment here with a link to your entry, so we can all read what you wrote. I'll be back in a week with the roundup of responses. In the meantime, Happy Spring!



Laura said...

I just posted thoughts on spring. it is my favorite time of year. as always, it is a busy time for most of us here under the big top.

Saqib said...

let's go fly a kite
up to the highest height

Mike said...

It doesn't quite feel like spring here. But, I've posted my thoughts anyway .

Laura said...

Here's my post on my signs of spring.

Anonymous said...

Here's my answer:

fdtate said...

It's beginning to look a lot like spring around here, but the season doesn't really begin until the first week of April. You can find out why here.

Florinda said...

I love spring - you can see why here.

Have a great week, y'all!

Kiva said...

I have sprung!
Ecletic Granny