Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Just a quick update tonight, instead of the other post I've been vaguely planning. I pretty much aggressively blew the evening on Whatever, Twitter and Doctor Who, and there's some news of the day to catch up om.

The good news: I was finally able to photograph this blooming tree at low speed over on Golf Links this morning. The bad news: this was because I was caught in a post-accident traffic jam for 45 minutes. Distance covered in that time: 2 miles.

And for much of that time, this Bounder motorhome was just ahead of me, having cut me off in traffic.
Wilmot to Swan, stop and go with long periods of stop. The air force base is just to the left of this road to the south, so there's no good alternative route. But had I known the accident was alll the way up at Swan, I'd have gotten off somehow, and gone north to 22nd St. My job is south of the base, but least I would have been moving.

This evening I left comments on several fun and/or interesting Scalzi postings on Whatever, which is appropriate because these two books arrived today from Amazon. Thanks for the gift certificate, Howard! Also tonight I added Scalzi to the list of people I follow on Twitter. It didn't work properly until I followed a suggestion by Arachne Jericho. Now I'm following 11 Twitter feeds instead of four. That should make things more interesting!

That legal-looking paper on the upper right of the photo above came from bankruptcy court today. It's almost impossible to decipher the legalese, but I think it's saying that some company or other is getting paid out of First Magnus's remaining assets, presumably ahead of my back pay. I should research what the news is these days about whether I'm likely to get any of that last paycheck.

And Pepper got the first of her medicine doses today to deal with her itching. Oddly, one of her meds is exactly what Tuffy got months ago for a different set of symptoms: Prednisone. Tuffy has her followup with the oncologist tomorrow. Meanwhile, Pepper definitely seems friendlier and more enthusiastic about seeing me. Not more obedient, though!


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