Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot Results: Seein' Green

Last week for the Monday Photo Shoot, I asked to see something green in honor of spring and St. Patrick's Day, even if (or especially if) the hue was entirely faked. Let's see what's been wearin' the green in our blogs this week:

Julie comes up with some four-leafed clovers! Surprisingly, they're mostly not green.

Jama Hameed baked some pandan kaya muffins!

Greg shows us how green Blue Ridge Parkway really is.

Carly finds a Green Ice rose

Meandering Martha takes her cue from Dr. Seuss! And Sam-I-Am, of course!

Laura comes up with a cabbage and pets that weren't green to start with, and other things that were and are.

Kiva shows us what it took to redress her dining room in green.

Thanks, all! New MPS coming right up!



Laura said...

Hi, Karen,
Really enjoyed all of the entries for this theme! However, the link to Jama's muffin photo has extra characters on the end - %3C - and doesn't work unless you delete them.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Fixed. Thanks for the tip!