Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: thou answerest them only with spring

Last week I asked you all how you mark the coming of spring. Here are links to the replies:

Laura shows us her kids and a hot tub at Spring Break.

Saqib introduces us to the colorful kites of the spring festival known as Jashan-e-Baharan.

Mike says: "I'd have to say, spring is here when it is nice enough for me to play golf. I don't have to be in shorts, but i don't want to be in a parka either."

Laura has her own signs for each season.

Sarah reveals: "I have unusual preferences, in regards to weather and seasons. I love rain, I love overcast skies, and I think bare trees are really beautiful. I'm sad to see winter go. Admittedly I might feel differently about this if I lived somewhere that actually saw real winters."

Duane marks the beginning of spring with the shouting of two words.

Florinda tells us why she loves spring, even though the season "doesn't really announce itself much" in Southern California.

Kiva writes of Easter and baseball.

I can't really pin down a common theme here, but everyone seems to like the season, for a number of different reasons. What we need is to take our allergy meds, gather at a certain park I know, fly our kites, play a round of golf, check out the baby animals at the zoo, and take in a baseball game. How does that sound?

New Weekend Assignment coming shortly.


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