Saturday, March 29, 2008


Perhaps this entry would benefit from a few subject headers, thus:

Tracking Robins

I've spent most of tonight on that database I've mentioned a few times already, tracking who all has participated in the Round Robin Photo Challenges and when, and which blog is the most current or most preferred one for each Robin. Tonight I basically covered all of 2007, compiling a checklist for each of the 26ish Challenges including all new participants and all updates to the blogs being used. From that I got all new Robins from 2007 added to my master list in chronological order. Unless a mistake turned up as I move into 2008, out all-time list of Robins stands at 110 people! Maybe tomorrow I'll compile amusing stats on the most common first names on the list (#1 is the name "Robin," I think), but for tonight I think I've done enough.

Scalzi skimming

The other thing I've done tonight is browse through more of John Scalzi's The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies, and read a few pages of The Sagan Diary. The Rough Guide has its faults - typos and the occasional omission - but it's generally knowledgeable and entertaining, which should surprise no one. I'm especially pleased that Scalzi has put nearly all of my favorites on his list of essential canon, and praised such films as The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension and Lilo & Stitch.

The Sagan Diary, a novelette that goes with the OMW series, starts with a fun premise: two governmental agencies are having a minor tussle over access to information downloaded from Sagan's BrainPal. The novelette itself basically consists of Sagan's private reminiscences and musings as she prepares to leave the military for a new life (literally) with John Perry. The one government person complains that the Sagan diary download is more love story than military intel.

I'm not deep enough into the book yet to have a clear idea what the diary is and what it's supposed to be. From my perspective it's off to a bit of a slow start, with Sagan thinking largely in metaphor and poetic imagery. I hope the rest of it isn't that.

Countdown to Who

Next weekend, meanwhile, is the end of Torchwood Series 2 and the premiere of Doctor Who Series 4 in the UK. The BBC is starting to ramp up its publicity machine with trailers and teasers, clips and screenings. It all looks great, and as intrigued as I've been with set reports and sly hints from the show's producers, I want to see it now! On the other hand, the episodes I'm most curious about all take place at the end of the season. Best not rush it then!

Of Dogs and Couch Covers

The new couch cover is in our midcentury modern den

The other news du jour is that the couch cover John ordered about a week ago arrived today. Believe it or not, this leopard print was the best match for the decor of the Den of the Museum of the Weird. It's thin and rough and not at all comfortable to sit on, but it's staying on much better than the mismatched throws we had on it before. It looks better, too.

Seems comfortable enough for Pepper.

A meditative lick.

Sometimes she uses the pillow, but not always.

Meanwhile, Tuffy and Pepper struggle to establish who is top dog. They've both barked at each other in moments of stress and jealousy over food or the attention of humans, and both had a tendency to guard the food and water dishes. Whichever bowl we designate as being for Dog A, you can be sure Dog B will take it over at the first opportunity, while A eats B's food from the other dish. The good news is that a) Tuffy is less inclined to run away than before, and b) the competition over food seems to have improved her appetite.

The birds are singing, and I'm going to bed now. Good morning!

The dogs want.

Update: I get overwhelmed by the number of weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. photo memes that are out there now, some of which people have been kind enough to personally invite me to participate in. But Steven's got one that's very simple in concept. The name of the meme, Feline Friday, tells you why I've never participated. But now he's expanded it, as Feline and Furball Friday, to include dogs. I don't think of Tuffy and Pepper as furballs, exactly, but they're certainly furry, and as it happens I posted all these shots of Pepper on Friday night. So hello, Steven, belatedly. Can Pepper play with Pickle?


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