Saturday, March 15, 2008

Walls and Bridges

This is going to be one of those rambling entries in which I make a lame attempt to tie disparate subjects together under a vague theme. You don't mind, do you? Mostly it's an excuse to use a couple of photos I took yesterday. Walls and Bridges, in case you don't know, is the title of a John Lennon album.

On Thursday I happened to find out from my boss that Baggin's, a local deli chain, has a location on Valencia near the airport. That's not terribly close to where I work, but I decided to take Palo Verde over there anyway. On the way I noticed these walls going up on the left side of the road. I have no idea what they are building, but these huge concrete slabs with no roof really caught my eye.

When I first drive past there was a man standing in between the two slabs, looking almost as if he intended to play Sampson and knock down the walls. Unfortunately there was no way to photograph the scene at that moment, as I was passing by at 40 mph, with my camera turned off and in my pocket. When I returned after lunch, there were no humans in evidence at the site.

On the return trip I photographed the two walls from several angles as Pink Floyd played in my head. This particular angle reminded me of the backs of building facades at Universal Studios. I bet these slab walls weigh a lot more than the average false front on a back lot.

But as massive as they look from the front and back, from the side there's not much to them!

This is another part of Palo Verde Road, photographed last summer as I commuted from the Anonymous Regional Retailer business office. This particular underpass has a name like Veteran's Memorial Underpass or something like that. I was trying to capture the flag motif and the rainbow in the same shot.

And here's that wonderful downtown bridge again, as photographed the day I was taking train pictures for the Round Robin in January.

Now for the lame thematic tie-ins:


AOL is getting between me and my email. The stupid Webmail apps (both versions) has been unreliable for several days, often not loading anything new when you refresh the page, even though AIM says new mail has been received. Tonight the webmail won't load at all. I eventually got at it through Vista's Windows Mail, which is basically Outlook. Even that got stuck several times. Oh, and Julie, I tried to leave a comment on your journal, but after the timeout and a page back, Firefox refused to try again. So I won't be leaving any comments tonight, except the one I successfully got onto Sarah's LJ.


I have now heard from three different people from SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) about Lady Heather, the black and tan chow mix we're going to see in the morning. They all have been very nice, and all want me to know that the dog will be at the PetSmart at I-19 and Irvington tomorrow morning. We'll be there, in preparation for which I will not be pulling my usual Friday all-nighter. If we do bring her home, she will probably get a new name. Any suggestions?



barrettmanor said...

I think you happen to be on often at the same time my hosting service is doing server maintenance. Hence the timeouts.

Becky said...

Aww! Yeah, "Lady Heather" doesn't seem to fit her very well. The coloring reminds me of a Doberman. Interesting! Hmm. Maybe name her after a character from Dr Who? She reminds me of a dog I saw in a movie once, also. Scrapps...or something like that. Not very fem tho. One thing about blogging when your kids are awake...they don't let you concentrate on things like this! LOL Maybe I'll be back later.

Astaryth said...

It's not easy to tell from that picture, but she looks nice. Still, I agree the name isn't working ;p If you adopt her maybe we will have to have a "Name the Dog" contest!

Anonymous said...

I vote Tess, which can be short for Tesseract. Or Martha.