Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot: Being Green

I'm not a fan of St. Patrick's Day, at all. I don't drink, and I find the annual obsession with superficial Irishness and the color green to be crass and artificial. I'm a quarter Irish myself (Viking Irish, but still), but this fact is no more and no less important to me than being half German, on March 17th or any other day. If you want to celebrate something that really is Irish - the Irish countryside, Irish music, Irish poetry, Irish history (or Irish-American history) - that's something else again; but please spare me the "kiss me" buttons and the green beer.

Having gotten my annual rant out of the way, let me now undercut it considerably with the Monday Photo Shoot:

New Monday Photo Shoot #12: In honor of St. Patrick's Day and in anticipation of spring, show us something green. If you want to photograph something that really is green, fine. If you want to photograph something that's definitely not green and then edit it to look green, that's even better!

I've had this dragon bank since seventh grade. His name is Dino, because of his resemblance to the Flintstones' pet.

The couch we keep covered up really is green. It's not quite this green, however. I compensated for a reddish cast coming from the camera and the wall.

Let's give Newdog a green tongue, and a green throw cover. This was done with saturation and hue tools.

Aw, what the heck. Let's paint the dog herself green! Virtually, of course.

Your turn! Show us something green, faked or otherwise! Post the picture(s) to your blog or journal, and come back here to post your link. As always, a link from your blog back here is appreciated. I'll be back in a week with a roundup of entries. Meanwhile, Happy...well, you know!



barrettmanor said...

I couldn't bring myself to photoshop anything green today, sorry. (My dinner came back to haunt me last night, just like something out of a Far Side cartoon. Or, perhaps, Al as the Ghost of Christmas Future.)

So I'll present something St. Pat's related. There be four-leafed clovers in my back yard!

Meandering Martha said...

Your photos here kind of freak me out! LOL! I'll be back to post something green :-)

Jama Hameed said...

It's done, fresh from the oven. just for you! kekekekkeke

Greg said...

Here's mine, its green au natural.

Carly said...

Hi Karen

I have finally posted this week's photo shoot. Come see...

Meandering Martha said...

Mine's up...

Laura said...

Hi, Karen,
Here's my entry - thanks for the Photoshop inspiration!

I'm happy with what I have, but I might post more photos as I'm about to go out and start prepping the backyard for planting, since it's a gorgeous day here!

Kiva said...

OK, I'm late, but it's there!
Eclectic Granny