Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ain't A That Good News!

The title above is from a spiritual I learned in school(!) many years ago and don't really remember well now, over 40 years later.

Tuffy had her followup appointment with the doggie oncologist today. I was concerned about her week before last, because her appetite seemed to be down a bit and her snoot seemed to be wet a lot of the time. John thought she was probably just drinking more water as the weather got warm. But Dr. K. looked at her tongue, checked her heart and felt her glands. She's fine, at least for now. No sign of infection, or a return of the cancer. Yet. What a relief! I was honestly worried our thousands of dollars' worth of treatments had only bought her six months or so to live. She'll get another recheck in June, but for now everything's copacetic.

Pepper, meanwhile, is starting to warm up to us, and is definitely acting more secure than she was about this being her home. I think that trip to the vet and back without being in a cage or leaving my sight made a difference. Today I even left her home with the door to the laundry room open. She did not dig out under the fence, and happily met me at the door when I returned.

And that's the other dog-related good news. Tuffy is no longer trying to escape Pepper, and Pepper is no longer bullying Tuffy, not that I've seen, anyway. The only bad bit is that she's a trashhound. She's even scratching much less often than she was.



DesLily said...

glad to hear the doggies are getting along better.. but most of all glad to hear about Tuffy's clean bill of health. (so far is good!)

Florinda said...

I must have missed the post where you announced that Newdog was going to be re-named Pepper, but I like it, and she looks good. Glad to hear that she's adjusting and that both dogs are doing pretty well.

It's interesting - my rescue-adopted dog is rather a trash-hound too.

Becky said...

You can really see the "chow" in that last pic. The shape of their heads and all. Glad Pepper is doing better. And glad Tuffy is too!

Mike said...

Glad to hear that Tuffy is doing well. I like the name Pepper, and glad that they are getting used to each other.

Kiva said...

Hooray for Tuffy! I am so glad she's doing well. As for Pepper (aka Newdog), I'm so glad she's settled down. It's tough to trust when so many things have happened. Your post made my day.