Saturday, March 22, 2008

Round Robin: Signing for Spring

As I mentioned last night, the Round Robin Photo Challenge for this week is "First Signs of Spring," as suggested by Nan of Life is Like a Lunchbox. Although Tucson barely has a spring, I knew what I wanted to photograph for this. Pretty much all that seems to be blooming around here at the moment is bushes and trees on the median strips of divided roads. It's tricky to shoot such things at 50 mph, but I planned to take some time after work on Friday to track down a likely median strip and find a way to photograph it, by daylight and from a stationary position.

That was before John's car broke down, and I had no car at all on Friday. So tonight I checked my March folder to see what I'd managed to come up with so far.

Ah, yes. Nothing says spring like snow on the Santa Catalinas. This was taken on Monday: St. Patrick's Day.

This commemorates my first major allergy attack of the season, the one that kept me up until 4 AM several nights ago. I assume it was caused by spring pollen.

For me a major sign that spring is coming is my own birthday on the tenth. The March birthday cake at the office was finally served on Thursday, but not before the whiteboard fell over, pushing the Coke bottle into the icing.

Those three shots just aren't going to cut it. Neither does the underexposed shot of the dry river bed, or the selection of nice but unspringlike photos I took of the Catalinas from Orange Grove Road Thursday night.

So tonight, following a longstanding pre-holiday tradition, I drove over to a 24-hour Walgreen's. Maybe they would have advertising about "Spring Savings," or some other spring-oriented display. They might even have a flowering bush outside. Besides, I needed to get John a birthday card. But no, there were no spring promotions, and the bushes weren't flowering.

I think there were at least buds on the tree outside Walgreens, but by moonlight and camera flash, it mostly just looked ghostly.

In desperation, I drove on to Hi Corbett Field. Nothing says "Spring" like "Spring Training," right? But it was dark and deserted, except for a cop car in the parking lot. I didn't want the cop to think I was drunk or a terrorist or something, so I took just a few pictures from the safety of my car, and headed home.

At home I checked on the status of a plant that as of this time last year seemed totally dead. Ditto tonight. But it will turn green and then bloom in a month or two.

Pathetic. I told you Tucson wasn't a great place to look for signs of spring. So I made my own signs:

John's birthday: March 22, just as spring begins, more or less. Which reminds me, I forgot Sara's birthday on the 21st!

Easter is definitely part of the spring celebration, especially this year.

And never mind the poinsettia; here's the most concrete sign of spring you'll see today.

Now go see how everyone else fared at finding signs of spring!


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Celeste said...

Wow! Quite the tour looking for spring.

Be glad you don't live in my parts. My current spring pharmacy includes zyrtec, singulair, sudafed, nasal spray, AND an occasional burst of steroids. I hate green :)

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Ah, yes, the allergies. The juniper trees will start producing there yellow crapola any time. Last year, when the wind blew, the air was thick with yellow. I'm trying something new this year, though, I bought some local honey and have been taking 1 teaspoon a day. They say it's suppose to help with the allergy symptons. But it has to be local honey. I'll keep you posted. Oh, and great shots of Tuscon's Spring... I DO like the Rockies Parking... send them back home soon, will ya?

Jan said...

Desperately seeking spring, thanks for the tour.

Family Affair Photography said...

Oh the allergies, I can relate. I like those eggs you have - very interesting. :-) I wanted to reach out and touch them, examine them up close.


Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

I don't know... just a thought... but doesn't the store sell cut flowers or an Easter Lily? You might be able to take the camera along with you when you do your regular shopping and snap a photo or two. Although allergies is something most of us can relate to this time of year, along with the time change and spring celebrations. :)

Always, Carly

Suzanne R said...

Very creative, and although you didn't get shots of the outside flowering signs of spring (which must be somewhere -- on the medians? -- in enough quantity to give you the allergies) you certainly found plenty of pictures that say "spring"!

Kiva said...

I, too, can relate to the allergies to signal the first day of spring... and the first day of fall. You're right that is the first clue. Tucson is like SoCal, you don't have the major delineations of seasons. You did a good job for a temperate climate!

lisa marie said...

Looks like you struggled with spring as much as I did. :) It will eventually reach us. I'm just surprised, I really thought you would have spring happening all around you now.

Steven said...

Ahhh allergies. Yup, that'll arrive with spring for me. Great photo spring tour! Fun.

Meandering Martha said...

Very resourceful! Happy birthday to John! Today was my dad's birthday, he would have been 80 this year ::sigh::
Happy Easter and happy spring Karen!

Jama Hameed said...

I'm sitting this one out.....where I am, it's spring all year round! It's interesting watching the other's finding signs of spring after that cold winter.

Sandra said...

LOL. Allergy meds definitely a sign of spring here as well. Thanks for sharing!

Wammy said...

Very interesting photos. We can relate to the allergy meds. Looking forward to everything finally being in bloom here. Praying that there is no more snow.

Gattina said...

For somebody who has no spring where he lives you have a lot to show, lol ! Very nice interpretation of the theme and a lot of phantasy !

MyMaracas said...

Ah, the ol' allergy meds bottle. I know it well. LOL that really is the first sign of spring!

Janet said...

LOL you definitely had the most original "signs of spring" I've seen so far!