Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In her proper color.

Okay, look, I've used up the evening and then some, so this will be quick:

*Tonight I shopped for and cooked corned beef and cabbage and carrots, with a little celery and a few formerly frozen chunks of potato. John didn't want that for dinner, so it was all for me. The corned beef was thick-cut sandwich meat from the Safeway deli - and no, that didn't work terribly well. But it was better than searching multiple stores for a $12 slab of way too much corned beef.

*I then spent the evening sitting next to Newdog, watching Doctor Who. She isn't affectionate yet, but she definitely wants me around, preferably scratching her. She also seems much more secure. Oh, and John and I walked the dogs tonight, and she did really well on the leash after the first couple of minutes.

*I've just spent two hours battling OpenOffice and Word and SeaMonkey and Blogger, all to get the Holy Week calendar posted. I prevailed!

*Newdog has a vet appointment on Saturday. Tuffy has an oncology appointment on the 25th.

*John's birthday is on Holy Saturday, the night of the Easter Vigil. Hmm. Tricky.


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Becky said...

I got corned beef and cabbage twice in the last few days. A fav local restaurant had it as a dinner special last Friday. Then John made Hawaiian corned beef and cabbage from the 1938 Hawaii boy scout handbook his dad had as a boy. Interesting concoction. 1 can of corned beef, half a head of cabbage, 1 can of bean sprouts, water and soy sauce. Simmer. It was actually pretty tasty. LOL