Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Great Escape

Hours later, she is all clean and innocent-looking

A few new names - or epithets - to consider for the new dog:

Big Muddy

Good thing I got home from church when I did. Tuffy met me at the door, whimpering in a way that said something was wrong. Newdog was not in the house - and she was not in the back yard, in the rain. looked for a hole in the fence. There wasn't one. I looked closer. There was a small hole under the fence. I saw a streak of black in the yard, rushed back into the house, and grabbed a leash by the front door. By the time I stepped outside she was across the street. Yes, she came when called, more or less.

By then she was by far the muddiest dog I'd ever seen, absolutely covered in dirt and grass. So she got her second bath in two days. She hasn't been allowed outside since.

John came back from work early and filled in and blocked that hole. There is nothing to stop her digging another one elsewhere. Until we solve the problem I guess I'll drive home at lunch to let the dogs out under supervision.

How much for "Invisible Fence"? Would that solve the problem?



Florinda said...

Newdog really is channeling my dog Gypsy - we went through that with her too. She did settle down after a few years, though :-) ...but one of the things about adopting an adult dog seems to be adjustment issues. Good luck!

Becky said...

I just saw a pet expert on Live the other day who talked about this exact problem. He said there are two reasons a dog will dig. Random holes means they are bored and/or trying to find something interesting. Holes along the fence means they are trying to escape. Why? Lots of reasons. In this case, I think because Newdog is feeling insecure. She doesn't know you guys or your routines yet. She doesn't know if you are coming back and her instinct is to save herself. Another reason for escape attempts includes irresistable exterior stimuli (something is taunting Newdog into trying to get out of the yard - kids, birds, squirrils, cats...etc.)

I have a feeling once she's been with you guys for a while and realizes she is HOME, she will be less inclined to try and get away.