Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Second Year Begins

Tor Anniversary cardAdapted from tonight's posting on my LiveJournal: Today was the one year anniversary of my three chapters, synopsis and cover letter for Heirs of Mâvarin arriving on the slush pile at Tor Books in New York. I was reminded of this fact in a dream this morning, in which Patrick Nielsen Hayden got annoyed with me for temporarily storing ham and cheese in a Tor mailbox, and announced he would have nothing more to do with me. For months I've been fantasizing that I could mark this occasion with an anniversary card, something like the graphic on this entry. Actually sending such a thing would be unprofessional, though, so I'll post it online and leave it at that. I'm not really upset at the long wait; I once sold a logic problem to Dell two years after I submitted it. Having spent a few decades turning my derivative high school efforts into a rather decent first novel (she said modestly), I don't really mind waiting to get it published. On the other hand if this long wait ends in a form rejection slip, the depression that follows is likely to make this past week look like a Jolly Holiday by comparison. If that happens (and I kind of don't think it will at this point), I'll probably cry for days...and then send the manuscript to another publisher.



deslily said...

as long as you never give up!!! then there is always hope!

Bea said...

Isn't there a saying... no news is good news? I remember when you sent it off, so I share this anniversary of excited anticipation, this active waiting, so to speak, with you. Hope is the key. It feels like good news is on the horizon. bea

Sarah said...

Heh, dreams are so weird! As if you would possibly be possessed to do such a thing in real life!

Happy submission anniversary. We can all be patient for a while longer yet!