Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Book I Couldn't Put Down

My week of self-imposed brevity is technically over, but tonight's entry will be short, anyway. I plan to stick to the short format for a while, except for an occasional longer posting as I have time and the subject matter demands. For the short ones, I won't necessarily keep it to one paragraph, though. On a lot of the past week's entries, I changed subjects several times without making a paragraph break. Rather than continue to do that, I'll allow for several paragraphs while keeping the overall word count down.

Today I tried and failed to give blood. This happens about half the time when I go over there, usually because my hemoglobin isn't quite high enough. So I'll eat more meat and spinach and oatmeal, and try again in two weeks. I also visited Wikipedia for the first time in a week, for no more than an hour, just skimming my watchlist and replying to a few messages. No big deal. See there? I don't have to overdo it.

Or do I? I finally posted the beginning of my Fayubi and Jor scene on Messages from Mâvarin tonight. I had stalled out in my typing of the scene due to the need to look up which guard was likely to be at the King's door. I went looking for him in an appropriate scene in Return to Mâvarin, and ended up reading parts of seven chapters, all the way to the end of the Mages trilogy. Gee, I love that book. I cleaned up some typos and noticed some inconsistencies, but it's going to be a heck of a story by the time I'm done revising it.

I'd better get to it.



Linda (Lou) said...

Is it just me, or does this guy look ALOT like your Mavarin???

Bea said...

I love your passion for your characters and story. I do the same thing when I search through past writings looking for a particular event I've described... and while looking, I spend too much time rereading older volumes and entries, bringing back more thoughts, and more distractions. I chuckled, imagining you seriously writing, then getting off track while reading your book. I haven't been able to follow all of your posted writings, Karen, because of classroom demands each week, but I truly am interested in reading your books. still waiting for that one to get published. as you are!